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Alaska vacation homes for rent

Banish the misconception that Alaska, that big new state of the United States, is all ice, and that it is winter the whole year through.

An Alaska vacation would include activities ranging from fishing in its abundant waters, to sightseeing, viewing historical and cultural activities, cruising, and shopping.

While driving along the road, one can instantly pull off the side and cast a line to fish. More than 627 species inhabit Alaska’s three million lakes, three thousand rivers, and countless streams. And for amore leisurely experience, it may be better to get accommodations from many inns and houses. One can opt for luxurious amenities or rustic ones.

Sightseeing tours range from whale-watching, wildlife and glacier tours to historical towns and gold mines. Visitors can indulge in cultural experiences such as the Inside Passage to Fairbanks in the heart of the state to the Arctic Ocean and all the way to the tip of the Kenai Peninsula.

In outlying countries, one may also witness the Eskimo blanket toss. And to have a taste of more historical and cultural goings-on, there are totem carving, native dancing, traditional music, crafts and festivals, and museums.

Cruises can be arranged, particularly on the glacier waters of Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords, or Glacier Bay. Various vessels are available for these, such as on a catamaran, the Alaskan Ferry, or the more traditional ocean liner. Be aware that the sailing season starts in April and ends in September.

Visitors who wish to bring home souvenirs can shop for Alaskan products, such as gold nugget jewelry and articles carved from ivory and jade. Alaskan salmon, either canned or smoked, is most popular. You may wish to try their reindeer sausage, too. A word of warning to salmon or reindeer or other wildlife enthusiasts: some products cannot be transported through customs without special permits.