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Delaware vacation homes for rent

Delaware is one of the smallest states in the United States. The capital city is Dover, and it can be found near the center of the state. Those who choose to vacation in this region will find that there are a number of impressive beaches. Some of the most popular are Dewey Beach and Lewes. Those who enjoy baseball will find that the sport is very popular in this region, and the Blue Rocks are a popular team in the state. Strip malls are very popular in this region, and natives can be frequently seen shopping there. Some of the most popular strip malls in Delaware are the Christiana Mall and the Dover Mall.

Travelers who enjoy shopping will want to stop by the strip malls while they are vacationing in the state. Those who enjoy eating traditional meals will find that Delaware is home to a number of high quality restaurants. In addition to this, there area number of brewpubs in Delaware, and some of the most popular are the Iron Hill Brewery and Stuart's Brewpub. As you can imagine, those that enjoy drinking high quality beer will be at home while vacationing in Delaware. In most cities within this state, cars are the primary form of transportation. However, major cities such as Newark and Dover will often have elaborate public transportation systems.

When it comes to safety, Delaware has a small amount of crime due to its size. However, the city of Wilmington can become rough at times, and visitors will want to be alert and use common sense. A number of street patrols may be available in some cities, but they may only be armed with radios and not guns. A number of restaurants in this state will allow security to escort you to your vehicle if you need it.