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Idaho vacation homes for rent

Idaho is one of the Rocky Mountain states. Among its best-known features are the 10,000- to 12,500-foot snow-capped mountains. It is also known for its canyons, high deserts, sand dunes, and hills. Most of what lies north of Boise, the state capital, is designated as National or State Forest.

There are many parks to visit for outdoor activities. Topping the list is Yellowstone National Park, the world’s oldest national park and a World Heritage Site. Though most of the park is in Wyoming, Old Faithful, its most notable feature, is accessible through Idaho Falls. About a million hectares in area, Yellowstone is filled with geysers, hot springs, lakes, and a vast assortment of flora and fauna.

If you're into rock climbing and hiking, you won't want to miss the City of Rocks Reserve, just 45 miles south of Burley. Massive granite rocks, some about 60 stories tall, are the main feature of the reserve and are said to be the oldest rocks in North America. Spires range from 100 to 600 feet. The reserve also has camping sites, scenic drives, and horseback riding.

Silver Valley is a spot worth visiting for its mining history. Recreational activities are available, including gold panning. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the Silverwood Theme Park, a turn-of-the-century attraction, or Roaring Springs Water Park with float tubing, kiddy pools, and racing slide. For a more relaxing time with the family, take a rafting tour or go inner tubing at Boise River and enjoy the scenery.

For more of the outdoors, visitors can go to Craters of the Moon, Twin Falls, or the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Idaho has plenty of opportunities for world-class boating, whitewater rafting, hunting, fishing, and mountain biking in the summer. In the winter, one can go skiing, snowshoeing, or snowboarding.