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Indiana vacation homes for rent

Indiana is a state that is located in the Midwest region of the United States. It is quite rural, and there are not a large number or major cities. The vast majority of this state is comprised of farms, and despite this, there are many attractions available for those who wish to live there. Those who wish to travel to Indiana may need to go through the Indianapolis International Airport. Because of the number of interstates that run through this state, the motto for Indiana is "The Crossroads of America." In addition to the airport, travelers can leave Indianapolis and travel to Chicago by train, and the prices are quite reasonable.

One of the most popular attractions in Indiana is the Hoosier National Forest. In addition to this, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is an excellent attraction as well. Perhaps one of the most popular attractions in Indiana is the Indianapolis500 race. It is one of the most famous racing events in the world, and people will travel from distant locations just to attend the event. In addition to the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR is also very popular in this region. Those who are racing enthusiasts will find that Indiana is a great state to visit.

In a day and age where chain restaurants seem to be everywhere, they are a number of "mom and pop" places where travelers can enjoy a hardy meal. Some of the most popular restaurants in Indiana are Jeeves & Company, Arni's, and the Schnitzelbank Restaurant. Because Indiana is highly rural, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States. However, visitors will want to be more cautious in cities such as Gary or Indianapolis. It should also be noted that this region experiences as large number of tornados. Because of its location, Indiana is close to several major centers such as Chicago, Detroit, and Louisville.