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Mississippi vacation homes for rent

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed large parts of Mississippi, and although tourist services have resumed in most inland and the coastal areas, they are still limited. Travelers are therefore cautioned to make plans accordingly.

The powerful Mississippi River in the western border is one of the state's well-known features, and has inspired writers and filmmakers to weave stories around it. The river abuts the neighboring states of Arkansas and Louisiana.

Interesting places to visit include the casinos of Vicksburg, Tunica, Philadelphia (Choctaw Indian Reservation), as well as along the Gulf Coast. For blues music aficionados, the Blues Museum in Clarksdale will be of great interest. It is easy to find and enjoy live blues especially in the Delta and in Jackson.

The city of Natchez has some antebellum houses and buildings that are popular with tourists. Nature lovers may wish to journey along the Natchez Trace Parkway, but be aware that the 50-mph speed limit is strictly enforced by the Park Police. Watch out for bikers, as well as deer, turkeys, and other wild animals that tend to dart across vehicles' paths. Along Natchez Trace are some great camping spots.

Tourists who enjoy country cooking will find excellent eating places. A reputable one is Leatha's, outside Hattiesburg. Among the more favored, though ordinary, items are fried chicken, country-fried steak, fresh vegetables, and cornbread. But fried catfish is one delicacy that the residents are proud of. The catfish festival in Belzoni (pronounced as bell-zone-uh) will be of interest to seafood lovers.

Those coming to Mississippi will be wise to check in advance for tornadoes.