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Missouri vacation homes for rent

Missouri is a state that is located in the Midwest. There are a number of attractions available here for those who are on vacation. Missouri is a state that has been called "the heart" of the United States. It is a mixture of the southern states combined with the sophistication of the east coast and the industrial prowess of the northern states. Missouri is well known for its riverboats. Those who enjoy musical styles such as blues or jazz will find that Missouri has a number of festivals available for these musical styles. One of the most popular cities in Missouri is St. Louis, and those who vacation in the state will want to travel there.

While Missouri was once considered to be the gateway between the east and the west, it has become a center for technology and communications. The Black World History Wax Museum is a popular attraction in the state, and the Aloe Plaza is very popular as well. One of the most impressive natural attractions in Missouri is the Forest Park, and the Jefferson Memorial can be found in the city of St. Louis. Those who enjoy art will want to visit the St. Louis Art Museum, and there are a number of art museums located in this state as well. Those who are students of American history may want to visit the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site.

The number of attractions available in Missouri are too numerous to name. The cities in the state are known for having a vibrant nightlife, and there are a number of parks available in various cities. Missouri is a state which is very unique, and it has a culture and tradition which are one of a kind. Those who enjoy Opera will want to visit the Calvin Opera House, and the Six Flags at St Louis is a great attraction for the entire family.