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Nevada vacation homes for rent

Nevada is most known for twolargest cities, both of which are popular gaming spots—Las Vegas in the south, and Renoin the north.

Perhaps one ofthe most popular attractions is Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip, with itsbright lights and themed hotels and casinos. Replicas of the Sphinx, Egyptianpyramids, the Eiffel Tower, a castle, and theStatue of Liberty can all be found here. As the major industry in Nevada, gambling isavailable in the big cities, as well as in the small towns.

But there is moreto this state than gambling. Visitors can take in the natural beauty of Death Valley National Parkwith its three million acres of desert wildlife and historical and culturalsites, and Great Basin National Park featuring 13,000-foot Wheeler Peak,bristlecone pines, and limestone caverns, including Lehman Caves.Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers hunting, camping, and hiking, as wellas huge lakes for boating, swimming, and fishing. For family fun, Lake Tahoe has casinos, snow skiing, fishing, and otherrecreational activities.

There are some300 hot or warm springs in Nevada, the most inthe US.The natural wonders of Nevada—Gypsum Caveand Lunar Crater, among others—combined with the sharp contrast of its desertsand the Sierra Nevada mountains makes this aparadise for photography enthusiasts.

History buffswill want to visit the Rhyolite Historic Site, one of the most photographedghost towns in the West, and Goldfield, a gold mining town built in the early1900s. For the more adventurous traveler, Nevada offers bungy jumping, skydiving, andglider plane flying. There are also organized desert tours, helicopter ridesover Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, as wellas tours for hikers and bikers. Whatever you decide, bring water and wear ahat, pants, a long short to avoid heat stroke. The temperature can changedrastically throughout the day, especially in the autumn and spring.