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New York vacation homes for rent

There is more toNew York thanmany people might know. A large state, it is home to many beautiful spots—theCatskill Mountains, the Hudson Valley, Niagara Falls,and Lake Placid, among others.

Tourists canvisit the beaches on Long Island, or theharbor towns such as Port Jefferson, with its bohemian atmosphere. TheAdirondacks, especially Keene Valley, provide opportunitiesfor outdoor activities, especially rock and ice climbing. Finger Lakes, with its vineyards, offers wine tours and scenic views.

But undoubtedly,it is New York City,the country's biggest city, that draws the most tourists to the state—some 35million each year.

There is so muchto do and see here that it might be best to join an organized tour. Visitorscan tour the skyscrapers that make up the famous skyline. One of these is thedistinct Empire State Building,once the tallest in the world. The Observation Deck at Rockefeller Centeris another popular spot for its spectacular view. One can take in an exhibit atthe Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museumof Modern Art, catch a Broadway oreven an off-Broadway play, visit Soho for the smaller galleries and coffeeshops, or simply go for a stroll in 843-acre Central Park—justdon't go after dark.

As a center forinternational business, culture, politics, and communications, New York City also contains the offices ofthe United Nations and the world's top companies. But perhaps the city's—andthe state's—most important distinction is that of housing that awe-inspiringlandmark, the Statue of Liberty. Visitors can climb the steps up to thestatue's crown and enjoy the view. Or visit Ellis Island, where millions ofimmigrants from all over the world passed through to the New World between 1892 and 1954. These two landmarks are a source ofpride for New York, for their role in thelives of millions in America.