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Rhode Island vacation homes for rent

Of all the states in the U.S, Rhode Island is the smallest. The state has hundreds of miles of coastline, and this offers a lot to travelers who choose to vacation there. While there are some urban areas in this state, a sizeable portion of it is also covered by farmland. Even though it is the smallest state by size, it still has a population of over 1 million. Those who consider themselves to be tennis enthusiasts will want to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the Newport Casino. It has a large number of tennis items, and it is one of the largest tennis centers in the world.

Those who love animals will want to visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which can be found in the city of Providence. In addition the many animals it features, this zoo also has an exhibit for dinosaurs. It is an impressive museum because it combines culture and history into one cohesive unit. One event that travelers to Rhode Island can see is the Water Fire. This is a type of environment art in which 100 bonfires are created and sent throughout the rivers. Ambient music may be played at these events. Parades will be held during the 4th of July, and the city of Bristol is one of the most popular places to visit for this attraction.

Those who enjoy Jazz music will also find that there are a number of Jazz festivals held in the city of Newport, and these will commonly occur during the month of August. The Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre is a place that is well known for the performing arts, and events have been featured there since the 1920s. Despite the size of Rhode Island, there are many attractions for those on vacation. There are a number of small restaurants available, and formal dining is very popular.