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West Virginia vacation homes for rent

West Virginia is a state that lieswithin the Appalachian mountain range. While it was once a part of Virginia, the tworegions became separte due to disagreements that occured over slavery and otherissues. Today, West Virginiais a vibrant place that has a number of opportunities available for travelers.Those who enjoy the outdoors will want to visit the Monongahela National Forest,which has well over 900,000 acres worth of forest. West Virginia is a state which is abundantin natural resources. It has a very rich culture, and visitors have oftencommented on the beauty of the landscape.

Ifyou enjoy white water rafting, skiing, mountain biking, or golf, West Virginia is a stateyou will want to visit. Because it is a mountain state, there are a number ofactivities available for those who enjoy vacationing in mountainous regions.Despite the fact that West Virginiais abundant in natural resources, many people have never considered it to be awealthy state. Many of the people who live outside the major cities have lowincomes, and despite this, travelers have still described them as beingfriendly. Those who vacation in West Virginia can expect to receive a warm welcome whichis typical of many southern states.

West Virginia is a good vacation spotfor those who enjoy the outdoors. While it doesn't have the glitz or glamour ofstates such as New York, California,or Florida, West Virginia has a traditional beauty thatsurpasses all of them. One of the most impressive things about West Virginia is thecuisine, which is delicious. Those who enjoy Civil War history will also findthat West Virginiahas a lot to offer them in this area. If you are looking to get away from thelifestyle of major cities, and you want to experience nature at its finest, West Virginia is a placeyou will want to consider.