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Recent Articles

  • How to make and receive calls while traveling in Europe Thursday, March 05, 2009
    American Cell Phones do not work in Europe. You may make it work if you have a tri-band or quad-band cell phone, but the cell phone bill from your U.S. cell phone carrier may cost you an arm and a leg or even more. By following the advice you will find below, you will be able to call and receive message at fraction of the cost when you have to use your own phone and your own cell phone carrier in Europe.

  • Tips for an inexpensive vacation Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    We all know that the economy is bad and you probably are thinking that you don’t have the money for a vacation this year. You might be surprised to learn there are several ways you can cut costs and still have a great vacation in 2009...You might want to consider getting together with a group of friends or family to get a cheaper rate on a vacation rental. There are organizations that have information on all types of rentals. Just being able to cook instead of eating out will compute into a great savings.

  • Good reasons to buy a vacation home Friday, January 09, 2009
    Many more American families are planning vacations now than they did in the past. They feel the need to get out of their home and city to enjoy something that is new and different. Many activities appeal to people that make them want to leave their homes and enjoy a good vacation... A vacation home is more private than a hotel room as well as providing you with additional comforts that cannot be found in a hotel. You have a lot more living space and you don’t have to worry about tipping the hotel staff every time you dine out or they provide you with a service. This alone can save you a lot of money.

  • Vacation rental on lake – great alternative to expensive getaway Saturday, January 03, 2009
    Summer is a great time of the year where you enjoy yourself with family and friends. And the perfect summer vacation is one where you rent a lake vacation home or condo right on lake and do what you had always wanted to do like fishing, hiking, swimming and of course, toasting marshmallows at night.

  • Tips to Keep Your Holiday Travel on Schedule without Losing Your Sanity Tuesday, December 18, 2007
    You can count yourself lucky if you are only planning to travel across town to Grandma’s house for Christmas. Here are a few more tips for you to consider if you plan to travel over the Christmas holidays. A much better idea would be to find a vacation rental in the area you plan to visit and take a much deserved family vacation. Vacation rentals are usually available in most areas and will already be furnished with everything except your clothes and food. You can plan your travel on days when the roads are not so congested.

  • Advice for vacation home owners: How much charge for vacation rental Friday, November 02, 2007
    Many people today are investing in second homes, or vacation home like apartments, condos and cabins. However as they don’t use these vacation properties full time, they usually rent them out to other vacationers. When renting out vacation properties – also called vacation rentals, there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration to calculate the right rent to be charged.

  • What to consider when buying vacation rental home Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    On visiting a vacation location, many people consider, and relish the prospective of buying a vacation rental property so that they get additional income by renting it when they don’t use the vacation home. However besides the monthly installment that you will have to pay, there are many additional expenses that you will have to bear before you actually own a vacation home. The furnishing of the property is rather expensive so if you want to get repeat renters to your property, your house has to compete with the other vacation rental homes found around you, in other rental property.

  • Tips on how to improve bookings for your vacation rental Wednesday, September 05, 2007
    Vacation Rentals Listed Newsletter, September 2007. As you know, almost all searches for vacation rental property by owner starts on the Internet. A potential visitor comes to the search,,,, and many more-enters his search term, and then acts based on search results. If you have your own web site for your vacation rental or listing in a vacation rental portal site, you want them to "score" high in this search. There are multiple steps that can improve your "searchability". There is a new science now called "SEO," and you probably have had multiple offers from SEO professionals to improve your web site.

  • What to expect in California Vacation Rental Home Saturday, September 01, 2007
    In California vacation rental homes are extremely popular. If you are making plans to take a California vacation you might want to know that you do not have to stay in a hotel, you can rent a vacation home. When you rent a vacation home it will be a fairly self controlled type of vacation. You will not have room service but you will have a number of other benefits which usually come with a cheaper price tag than hotels. Spending your vacation time in a vacation rental adds privacy which is very desirable for many people, especially the newly weds. Many of the vacation rental homes have private gardens and some even have private swimming pools which will allow you to enjoy the luxury of the California.

  • Book a vacation home for your next family reunion! Wednesday, August 15, 2007
    The family vacation is something the whole family looks forward to every year. If you are planing a family reunion in vacation rental, here are a few tips for those who need help in beating the vacation blues when going to vacation home. Take every opportunity to get to know your family. Many families rent vacation homes once in year so they can catch up on things especially if they live far from each other. Before you go, research on family games and don’t be afraid to offer it! Many vacation rentals are offering family board games, toys and all sort of movies and books. You will be surprised how many vacation homes are children friendly vacation rentals.

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